Why Injured Workers Can’t Face the WCB Board Without a Lawyer

As lawyers who consult daily with injured workers, we have noted that it is more than our legal training, experience dealing with disability and the rights of WCB claimants that can be invaluable in helping you deal with your WCB claim. We have come to recognize that the Board has many ways to work around its Policies to delay and defeat an injured worker’s entitlement to benefits. It is their job to keep claims costs down and they are very good at it. It can be hard for any WCB claimant to understand what is going on without the help of an experienced, knowledgeable consultant or advisor. The Board operates with many rules and challenging wrong decisions can take a long time. Get the independent advice you need upfront so you understand what is going on and what to do about it before the Board takes you down the path to lost benefits.